About Us

Ovenon specializes in providing an unbeatable combination of value, quality, expertise and service that gives your company the edge you need to compete in today’s cost and profit driven marketplace.


We believe that the true assets of any organization are its people. We have a team of dedicated, passionate, skilled workers to supply the very best of materials, service and technology available for our customers and partners.


Our definition “Our customer’s satisfaction is our satisfaction” shapes and for fulfilling this promise, every working day we force ourselves to increase our standard of quality to meet/provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.


We are aware that all communities contribute to our success and we embrace Community Responsibility as one of our core values. Even being a very young company, we are actively developing policies and practices that promote a positive and sustainable environmental and social contribution to all communities in which we operate.

We take pride in theexcellence of service

Our Philosophy


We search the world to find you the best price on products you currently buy. Utilizing our proprietary sourcing system, we locate, track and purchase products for your company that you use every day, at the lowest possible cost. By offering you true value, we keep you one step ahead of your competition while increasing your profits on products you are already buying…


We provide the highest quality products in their category. All of our approved vendors are required to meet a rigorous set of standards and must go through an extensive evaluation process. This process begins with product evaluation to make sure all products are of the highest quality for their industry segment. Product consistency must be maintained continuously across all orders and delivery must be reliable and timely. By taking the extra steps to ensure the quality of product you receive at your distribution centers, we offer you products that will allow you to preserve and add to your reputation as a quality company.


We work hard to be a part of your company. Ovenon Ic ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti. takes pride in the excellence of service we provide to our customers. By working hard to understand the needs of your organization, we strive to be a part of your purchasing team. Not only do we deliver when we promise to, we follow through to be sure you received your deliveries on time and in excellent condition.