Aeroshell Aviation Products

As our world becomes increasingly connected, people, communities and businesses look to aviation for opportunities that were unimaginable just a few decades ago. Shell Aviation has always been committed to working in close collaboration with our customers to help them achieve their ambitions. It is this spirit of collaboration that has enabled us to support aviation’s pioneers for over 100 years. From powering the flights of early aviators like Louis Blériot and Amy Johnson, to designing the combustion chamber that enabled Frank Whittle’s jet engine to get airborne, Shell has played a role in making air travel accessible.

Comprehensive range of Best-selling Piston Engine Oils that looks after your engine the way you look after your aircraft.

Helps deliver the protection you need at a total cost-of-ownership that makes the case for changing to Shell.

Airframe and wheel-bearing greases that sets the standards. Specially formulated to excel in wide-ranging applications.

For reliability in aircraft hydraulic systems, landing gear shock structs and getting you back in the air without costly remedial maintenance

The thought of how dangerous undissolved water in jet fuel can be, is enough to unsettle anyone’s stomach. So it’ll come as a relief to know that there’s a quick, easy and affordable way to make sure your fuel is water-free – the Shell Water Detector.