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» AeroShell Fluid 31

AeroShell Fluid 31 is a synthetic hydrocarbon based aircraft hydraulic fluid with greatly improved fire resistance characteristics when compared with conventional petroleum products. AeroShell Fluid 31 has a specially designed base stock which imparts a relatively high flash point, excellent low temperature properties and good oxidation and thermal stability. In addition, AeroShell Fluid 31 is formulated with high technology additives to provide oxidation and corrosion resistance, antiwear, and anti-foaming protection.

» AeroShell Fluid 41

AeroShell Fluid 41 is a mineral hydraulic oil manufactured to a very high level of cleanliness, and possesses improved fluid properties. AeroShell Fluid 41 contains additives which provide excellent low temperature fluidity as well as exceptional anti-wear, oxidation – corrosion inhibition and shear stability. In addition metal de-activators and foam inhibitors are included in this high viscosity index fluid to enhance performance in hydraulic applications. AeroShell Fluid 41 is capable of wide temperature range operation.

» AeroShell Fluid 51

AeroShell Fluid 51 is a synthetic hydrocarbon and ester based fluid for use in hydraulic systems which require reliable operation in extreme low and high temperatures as well as performance outside the capability of traditional MIL-PRF-5606 mineral based fluids. AeroShell Fluid 51 is formulated with high technology additives to provide oxidation and corrosion resistance, anti-wear, and anti-foaming protection.

» AeroShell Fluid 61

AeroShell Fluid 61 is a synthetic hydrocarbon base hydraulic fluid specifically inhibited to provide excellent oxidation stability for the oil and good corrosion preventive protection to the hydraulic system.

» AeroShell Fluid 71

AeroShell Fluid 71 is a preservative mineral hydraulic fluid of improved cleanliness. AeroShell Fluid 71 is composed of a mineral base oil with an additive package which results in a product with excellent corrosion preventative properties as well as excellent oxidation stability, and good anti-wear characteristics.

» AeroShell SSF AND LGF

AeroShell Shock Strut Fluid (SSF) and AeroShell Landing Gear Fluid (LGF) are mineral hydraulic fluids (MIL-PRF-6083 and MIL-PRF-5606 respectively) to which additional additives have been added to improve the extreme pressure characteristics and the fluid’s natural lubricity. The lubricity agent provides a stable thin film layer to the metal surfaces at mild operating conditions. When severe conditions exist (landing/touchdown), the extreme pressure additive supplies the load carrying needed at the metal-to-metal surfaces to prevent the occurrence of such phenomena as “ladder cracking” and “slip stiction” of the piston component of the landing gear.

» SKYDROL 500 B-4

Skydrol 500 B-4 is an advanced phosphate ester hydraulic fluid designed for outstanding performance in aircraft hydraulic systems. Skydrol is known for excellent lubrication for the maximum flight hours what is acknowledged by most of the aircraft manufactures.