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Multi-Functional Wall Protection Sheets

Product Details


    • Cross Linked PE Foam Wall Protection


    • 120 x 100 cm or other requested dimensions


    • 15mm or other requested thicknesses


  • Green, Orange or other request colors

Product Characteristics

  • Prevents injuries caused by bumping into the wall of the children with its shock absorption capability
  • Certified product against Ecological Tests, including Arylamines, Formaldehyde, pH, Heavy Metals, Chlorphenols, Sensoric Odor, etc. so proving that our products do not contain any chemical and carcinogenic substances, which is harmful for human/children’s body
  • Hygienic and Antibacterial. Antibacterial protection prevents the spread of germs and fungi.
  • Waterproof and does not be affected from water due to having a closed pore structure. It doesn’t deforms or get smell from
  • Moisture like sponge and similar materials.
  • Provides heat, sound, and moisture insulation at indoor applications
  • High resistance to fire and flame
  • Environmental friendly, it does not release toxic gases, HCFC free
  • Easy to clean, could be cleaned with water, does not require any chemicals in cleaning
  • Resistant to abrasions and impacts, stays in the same shape
  • Long lasting, it does not get wear out over the time
  • Resistant to UV sun lights
  • It does not get deformed because of the low and high temperaturesh
  • Antistatic
  • Odorless
  • Due to the elasticity and light weight, this product ensures ease of delivery and application
  • It does not get affected by construction chemicals and floor adhesives

Other Applications

  • On all walls of kindergartens, nurseries, schools, crèches, etc.
  • In all houses at babies’ and children’s room as wall protection
  • As wall protection at Handicapped and Senior Citizen’s facilities
  • At all sports halls’ walls (including schools)
  • Many others…