Aircraft greases must be versatile to prevent wear and inhibit corrosion under tough conditions. AeroShell greases are specifically formulated to excel in wide-ranging applications: protecting exposed wheel bearings; lubricating highly loaded gears; in plain, ball and roller bearings; and on sliding surfaces and actuator screws. Our multipurpose greases can help to reduce costs and improve maintenance efficiency.

AeroShell Grease 6

General Purpose Airframe Grease

Inhibited against corrosion and oxidation, it features outstanding low-temperature torque properties and resistance to water. Useful temperature range of -40°C to +121°C. Used primarily in plain and anti-friction bearings on general aviation aircraft.


AeroShell Grease 7

Advanced Multipurpose Airframe Grease

Corrosion inhibited and fortified to resist oxidation, this combines excellent load-carrying capacity with a useful temperature range of -73°C to +121°C. Recommended for highly loaded gears and actuator screw mechanisms, as well as for instrument and general airframe lubrication.


AeroShell Grease 14

Leading Multipurpose Helicopter Grease

Inhibited against corrosion and oxidation, it is compounded with special anti-rust additives, and gives outstanding protection against fretting and moisture corrosion. Useful temperature range is -54°C to +75°C. Approved by all leading helicopter manufacturers. Recommended for most helicopter main and tail rotor bearings; widely used as a general-purpose helicopter grease.


AeroShell Grease 22

Versatile Multipurpose Grease

Corrosion inhibited and fortified against oxidation, it has excellent anti-wear properties, load-carrying capacity and water resistance, plus a wide useful temperature range of -54°C to +177°C. Recommended for aircraft wheel bearings, engine accessories and airframe lubrication and for anti-friction bearings operating at high speeds and at high or low temperatures.


AeroShell Grease 33

Universal Airframe Grease

Developed with the purpose of satisfying almost all airframe lubrication requirements with a single grease. Its enhanced corrosion resistance and load-carrying capacity reduces wear and tear and can lead to extension of re-greasing intervals and reduction in maintenance costs. Replacing several greases with a single grease avoids the risk of misapplication and, also, reduces stock inventory, again providing cost savings. Useful temperature range is -73°C to +121°C.


AeroShell Grease 58

Advanced Wheel Bearing Grease

AeroShell Grease 58 (ASG58) is an advanced wheel bearing grease. It follows the industry drive for lithium complex thickened grease. ASG58 is built on proven AeroShell Grease 33 technology, exceeding the demanding specification of SAE AMS 3058. It has superior mechanical stability, water washout resistance and corrosion protection. ASG58 performs well in the EMCOR test against salt water and modern day runway de-icing fluid.


AeroShell Grease 64

Extreme Pressure Airframe Grease

AeroShell Grease 64 (formerly AeroShell 33MS) is an EP airframe grease based on the proven lithium thickener technology of AeroShell Grease 33. It can help to extend component life through its exceptional load-carrying and EP properties from fortification using 5% molybdenum disulphide and its excellent wear and corrosion protection. It also helps to reduce the risk of product misapplication by being fully compatible with AeroShell Grease 33. Together, these greases are perfect partners, thereby helping to reduce costs by protecting over 98% of the grease application points on a typical airliner. AeroShell Grease 64 is fully approved to MIL-G-21164D.